About Us

About Bits, Bobs and Odd Jobs

What We Do
At Bits, Bobs and Odd Jobs we’re here to provide you with a friendly, skilled and professional service, helping you get everything done around the house, and done right!

We have a wide range of capabilities, from the little repair jobs you can’t seem to get around to doing to more significant projects like redecorating, carpentry jobs as well as fixing electrical and plumbing problems.

What You Can Expect
We pride ourselves on our brand and we focus on getting everyone’s job done to their complete satisfaction. Here’s what you can expect from the Bit’s, Bobs and Odd Jobs team:

  • You can expect expert skill levels from trained and experienced professionals,
  • A friendly and trustworthy approach to customer service and business and
  • A clean, reliable and timely service.

Speak To Us Today
To book your Bits, Bobs and Odd Jobs professional in Dublin, visit our contact form below, email us at info@bitsbobsandoddjobs.ie or call us on (01) 8903918 to discuss your options with one of our friendly staff.

We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.




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